Monday, January 15, 2018

Thyroid Health for Super-Aging

Thyroid Health for Super-Aging

Super-aging requires a healthy thyroid to go along with it.

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland in the neck that can cause chronic fatigue, anxiety and depression, cognitive dysfunction, weight problems, high blood pressure and cholesterol, and insomnia, among others—they are some of the symptoms of a thyroid disorder. 

Located above the Adam's apple, your thyroid produces thyroid hormone (TH), which regulates, among other things, your body's temperature, metabolism, and heartbeat. Things can start to go wrong when your thyroid is under- or over-active.

What causes your thyroid to go haywire? It could be genetics, an autoimmune attack, pregnancy, stress, nutritional deficiencies, or toxins in the environment, but experts aren't entirely sure. 

At least 30 million Americans have a thyroid disorder and half—15 million—are silent sufferers who are undiagnosed, according to The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists. Are you one of those?

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