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Liver Health the Chinese Way

Liver Health the Chinese Way

Chinese medicine is about qi, which is internal life energy coursing through the meridians in the body in order to bring oxygen and nutrients to different body organs and tissues. Qi is the invisible energy that flows through not just the human body but also the universe; the human body is but a microcosm of the universe. Therefore, if the flow of qi is disrupted for any reason, the entire body system will be in jeopardy.

The liver is responsible for promoting the smooth flow of qi and "blood" throughout the body. In Chinese medicine, liver health is longevity health because a healthy liver maintains the overall wellness of an individual. In Chinese medicine, "blood" is quite different from that observed in Western medicine. To the Chinese, "blood" serves three major functions in the body system:

1. It nourishes the body by providing nutrients. After your food and drink are digested in you stomach, they are extracted by your spleen and transformed into "blood."

2. It moistens and lubricates the body by giving it movement and flexibility in the form of qi.

3. It stabilizes the mind, making your thoughts clear and stable.
In Chinese medicine, a healthy liver regulates the amount of blood circulation. If you are active, your liver will produce and release more blood, and your blood flow will be strong and flexible. If our liver is impaired, your blood flow will be disrupted. Liver disharmony, due to liver damage, often leads to emotional disharmony, such as anger and sudden outbursts. Emotional problems are often stress-related. People suffering from mental depression often have a weak liver constitution.

Because liver function affects your blood, liver problems also have an adverse impact on tendons, that is, your movements and flexibility. Liver problems are manifested in your nails and your eyes. Nails are seen by the Chinese as tendons. Good liver health is indicated by strong nails, and liver problems result in pale and brittle nails. Your eyes, considered by the Chinese as "windows" of your internal health, require nourishment of your liver. A healthy liver gives you good vision, while liver damage results in inability to see clearly, both visually and mentally.

Do not damage your liver with alcohol. If you have a drinking problem, stop alcohol addiction right away. 

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